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Metadata Elements for Departments/ Resources and their Description

  • 1.   Departments

    • Title (Required): A unique name for the catalog (group of resources) viz. Current Population Survey , Consumer Price Index , Variety-wise Daily Market Prices Data, State-wise Construction of Deep Tubewells over the years, etc.

    • Description (Required): Provide a detailed description of the catalog e.g., an abstract determining the nature and purpose of the catalog.

    • Keywords (Required): It is a list of terms, separated by commas, describing and indicating at the content of the catalog. Example: rainfall, weather, monthly statistics.

    • Asset Jurisdiction (Required): This is a required field to identify the exact location or area to which the catalog and resources (dataset/apps) caters to viz. entire country, state/province, district, city, etc.

  • 2.   Resources (Datasets/Apps)

    • Category (Required): Choose from the drop down options. Is it a Dataset or an Application.

    • Title (Required): A unique name of the resource viz. Consumer Price Index for Year> etc.

    • Access Method (Required): This could be ―Upload a Dataset or ―Single Click Link to Dataset.

    • Reference URLs: This may include description to the study design, instrumentation, implementation, limitations, and appropriate use of the dataset or tool. In the case of multiple documents or URLs, please delimit with commas or enter in separate lines.

    • Language: Language of the dataset

    • Date Released: It mentions the release date of the Dataset/App.

    • Note: It mentions the anymore information the contributor/controller wishes to provide to the data consumer or about the resource.

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