A Digital India Initiative
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Asset and value potentials of data are widely recognized at all levels. Data collected or developed through public investments, when made publicly available and maintained over time, their potential value could be more fully realized. There has been an increasing demand by the community, that such updated data collected with the deployment of public funds should be made more readily available to all, for enabling rational debate, increase transparency better decision making and use in meeting civil society and government needs.

Efficient sharing of data among data owners and inter-and-intra governmental agencies along with data standards and interoperable systems is the need of the hour. Hence, there was a need to formulate a policy on National Data Sharing and Accessibility which could provide an enabling provision and platform for proactive and open access to the data generated through public funds available with various ministries/departments/organizations of Government of India. In purview of the same, Pune Municipal Corporation (hereafter, PMC) has decided to endorse the National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy and developed the Open data portal.

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