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About Us

PMC collects processes and generates a large amount of data in its day-to-day functioning. But a large quantum of government data remains inaccessible to citizens, civil society, although most of such data may be non-sensitive in nature and could be used by public for social, economic and developmental purposes.

These data need to be made available in an open format to facilitate use, reuse and redistribute; it should be free from any license or any other mechanism of control. Opening up of government data in open formats would enhance transparency and accountability while encouraging public engagement. The government data in open formats has a huge potential for innovation building various types of Apps, mash-ups and services around the published datasets.

This is the Official Portal of the Pune Municipal Corporation, designed and developed by the Benchmark IT Solutions. The objective behind the Portal is to provide open data sets for citizens of Pune as part of Open Governance.

About Portal

Asset and value potentials of data are widely recognized at all levels. Data collected or developed through public investments, when made publicly available and maintained over time, their potential value could be more fully realized. There has been an increasing demand by the community, that such updated data collected with the deployment of public funds should be made more readily available to all, for enabling rational debate, increase transparency better decision making and use in meeting civil society and government needs.

PMC understands the importance of inclusive governance as a key for every progressing society and hence has taken a novel step to “open the city data” for anyone to freely use, re-use and redistribute them, for any purpose, without restrictions. Efficient sharing of data among data owners and inter-and-intra governmental agencies along with data standards and interoperable systems is the need of the hour. Hence, keeping the need of seamless data availability in mind, PMC would like to provide an enabling provision and platform for proactive and open access to the data generated through public funds available with various departments/organizations/ vendors of Pune Municipal Corporation.

Pune DataStore endorses government of India’s Open Government Data (OGD) Platform in which supports Open Data initiative of Government of India. The Pune DataStore is a free and open data-sharing portal where anyone can access data relating to the city. Whether you’re a citizen, business owner, researcher or developer, the site should provide datasets to help understand the city and develop solutions to Pune’s problems.

Key Features of Pune DataStore portal includes:

  • Publish government data, documents, and processes from multiple departments within the corporation
  • Workflow based process for submission, approval and management of datasets
  • Engage citizens with open data based applications and services to improve their lives
  • Create data-rich community spaces around topics of national priorities and international interest
  • Dashboard with key indicators
  • Log in feature for Users
  • Register an account
  • Department wise Data Sets
  • Metadata
  • Link to download or preview the attached data set (various format)
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